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The Year That is

I like New Year. It brings with it a lot of things. Winter finally sets in and we see misty mornings and foggy evenings. We drown down endless cups of cuppa. The lards of fat are hidden under woolies, which when removed would give any tyre manufacturing unit a run for their money. We love winters for its lazy mornings for you have an excuse to stay in bed for a longer duration. I can put forth umpteen reasons as to why I love winters and the spirit of New Year, a new beginning.


The best part that I like about the period is New Year resolutions. Ya, ya, I know what a futile exercise it is to make resolutions and how we very conveniently break it. My resolutions too don’t last as long as the word itself, yet I enjoy making my list of resolutions every year. It gives me new challenges to look forward to that lie ahead of me. It gives me hope that I have 365 days to achieve things. The list gives me a boost as to what all needs to be done while the sun still shines.


So hereby I give my random list which I hope I will be able to fulfill this year.


  1. Weight-y issues: Most concerning thing…. I have to lose the layers of fat that seems to have stubbornly deposited over every inch of my existence. The tyres have found a permanent home and refuse to wear away. I have to lose weight, period. 

  2. Learn driving: I have been making this resolution, every year, for the past three years. Less said the better about picking up skills on d road. 

  3. Lean a new activity/course/hobby. 

  4. Control my temper: Another resolution that I have been making as far as I can remember making resolutions. 

  5. Pamper myself: Yes I need to splurge on some beauty treatments. I am already overweight and soon will be over the hill. So better do some service to the neighbourhood beauty clinics.

 Will keep you posted on my success rate. Please wish me luck, guys!!!


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