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Sunshine Lingo

Pucca promeesiee

That’s pucca promise by my Miss Little Sunshine when she aggrees that she will certainly do what is told to her. She, at 19 months, has learnt to speak four to five word sentences, but at times the last two three words get all jumbled up if they happen to be complicated. Her lingo impresses me everyday ( ya it will, I know I am her mom)  and she happens to say words which I have never said.  Where do kids pick up things from? When I end a call, she will ask, phone kat gaya?.

ALso, she is quite stubborn with things and doesn’t understand that same things can be called differently in different languages. So a gaadi can never be a car and phool is never a flower. A cat cannot be a billi and an elephant can’t be a hathi.

She stores a lot many things in her mind so she clearly know whats belongs to her mama and what are other people’s stuff. By looking at a visiting card she will say this is papa’s and by looking at a book she can identify that it is what mama reads. The other day my cousin was wearing the same-coloured floaters that I have and my li’l one kept chasing her saying this is mama’s shoes.

Days with you are all filled with laughter and whenever I hear this song, Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hain Yaaara Main Kya Karu, your face comes in my mind.



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A 17-month update

Well she is just a month away from being a year-and-a-half. My Miss Little Sunshine is getting naughtier by the day as she is becoming clever. She understands whatever I tell her and often amazes me with her reply. I usually speak to her thinking she won’t understand and the smart cookie gives me an exact answer.

Sentence formation from two to three words is going on and her repertory of words has increased. The other day she saw an apple and said aapplee. Then our favourite game while giving her a massage is saying alphabets. From A to D she says on her own. If I say A she will say B and so on. Beyond that she repeats after I blurt out. She also says 1, 2, 3.

She has also started enforcing her choice. Today while I was putting on her sandals, she said “No” and instead got her shoes. She demanded her shoes be put on and would say Mamaaa chalooooooooooooo as I drop her and the maid to my MIL’s house before leaving for work.

She hasn’t been weaned completely. She is still nursed to sleep and whenever she wakes up she needs the comfort of the breastfeed to fall asleep again. I am finding it tough and don’t understand how to wean her completely.

Also, I want her to sleep peacefully throughout the night without waking up and also in her own cot. At present she co-sleeps as she gets up in the middle of the night and has to be put to sleep again. It becomes a little tiresome transferring her to and fro from bet to cot. Ahem, when will this get over????

I read books to her at bedtime and in the morning when we are reading the newspaper, I give her a paper to read. This makes her feel all grown-up and happy. Usually she spends 15 minutes gazing through it before her patience wades off and the paper finds its way to the bin.

Happy 17 month b’day my sweetheart. Without you, this mom wouldn’t have known the true joy of loving without expectations. Your smile, babytalk and pranks are what keeps me going throughout the day.

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